CRM Marketing Module

The full version of the CRM Marketing module, Advanced Marketing, allows you to run, control and report on all your marketing campaigns, send up to 50,000 bulk emails and newsletters per month, and track the results right through to your sales. You can set up automated Drip Campaigns to send emails at set intervals plus Web Forms and Web Transactions to capture new leads from your web site.

The Advanced Marketing module includes features to enable compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Really Simple Systems also offers a simplified version of the CRM Marketing module, Simple Marketing. Simple Marketing is limited to the email marketing features only with a maximum of 5,000 emails per month. Please see Pricing & Options for full details.

Trialling the Marketing Module

The 14 day trial of our CRM includes the Marketing module. However, the trial is limited to sending a maximum of 10 emails per Campaign Stage. If you need to mail a larger number to successfully trial the system please contact our Customer Support team.

Accessing the CRM Marketing Module

To access the CRM Marketing Module in your CRM system, in Settings, go to Manage Subscription and select ‘Yes’ for either the ‘Simple Marketing’ or ‘Advanced Marketing’ options, and Save Changes

Back on your CRM main menu, click the Marketing tab and the new menu options will appear. Should this not update automatically, please logout and back in again to refresh your browser.

Multi-Stage Campaign Management

Email Marketing

Drip Marketing Campaigns

Capture leads from your web site

  • Create Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Activities and Opportunities automatically from your web site using Web Transactions
  • Record Mailing Consents from your new leads
  • Add those Contacts to Campaigns and automatically send them scheduled emails using Drip Marketing

ROI and Campaign Performance reporting

  • See conversion stats, cost per lead, cost per sale and total sales for each of your marketing campaigns
  • Flexible report writer for ad-hoc reporting

All within the same CRM system, and without having to use any external systems or third party mailers.