A Drip Marketing Campaign is when you send a list of contacts a series of pre-defined emails, at set intervals, over a period of time. Drip Marketing is useful in a variety of scenarios where you want to communicate with people in stages.

Drip Marketing is available as standard with the Really Simple Systems Advanced Marketing tool.

Drip Marketing Scenarios

For example, you could email all your prospects in one email, and set one or more follow-up emails to send a few days later.

Maybe you have a group of new leads from a trade exhibition and want to send them information on your organisation and then send a special offer to entice them to buy a few days later. Or for new customers, you might first send a welcoming email and at a later date send details of other products they might be interested in.

Creating a Drip Marketing Campaign

To create a Drip Marketing campaign, create a Campaign in the usual way and set the Drip Feed toggle switch to ‘Yes’.

Add Campaign Stages

Then for each email that you want to send, create a Campaign Stage and set the Default Activity Status to “Queued”.

Then set the Drip Feed Delay. You can select any number of Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks or Months, as required.

N.B. The Drip Feed Delay is the total time from when the Contact is first added to the Campaign or when the Campaign first starts, not the time between Campaign Stages.

To Add Contacts to the Drip Marketing Campaign, just add the Contacts to the first Campaign Stage. The system will automatically add them to all the subsequent Campaign Stages and schedule the emails using the Drip Feed Delay.

Contacts can be added manually to a Campaign, or automatically using Web Forms and Web Transactions. This is useful to automate new enquiries from a form on your web site.

So, to send your first email 30 minutes after a Contact has been added to the Campaign Stage, via your web form, and then the second email an hour after that, enter 30 Minutes for the first Campaign Stage’s Drip Feed Delay and 90 Minutes for the second.

If a Contact unsubscribes from the emails, they will remain in the subsequent campaign Stages but won’t be sent further emails as they be be on Hold.