Advanced Marketing Overview

Our Advanced Marketing tool is a powerful, yet easy to use, way to automate and monitor all your marketing. You can use it for capturing leads from your web site, email marketing and measuring the ROI across all your marketing activity.

The Marketing module consists of three main parts:

  • Campaign Management, which controls running your marketing campaigns and monitoring the results
  • Email Marketing to create and send newsletters and emails to your prospects and customers
  • Web integration and forms to capture data from your web site or incoming emails, into your CRM


Campaigns are the foundation stones for all your marketing activities, controlling more than just your email marketing. You can add contacts to a marketing campaign using segmentation and lists, or you can add them automatically from a web site enquiry form.

Campaigns can have multiple stages, or sub-campaigns, such as an initial email and then telemarketing follow up, and email campaigns can have automated drip marketing, to send a series of emails at pre-defined times. Plus there are also lots of analysis tools, from on-screen reports and graphs to the built-in report writer.

Email Marketing

The SpotlerCRM email marketing tool is built in, so everything you need is in one place. Your contact’s engagement is recorded back to their CRM account, so all your team can see how their prospects are reacting to your campaigns.

There’s a simple email designer, where you can design emails from scratch, or use the layout templates provided. The sophisticated Lists feature lets you create simple and complex segmentations of your contact database, supporting a high level of personalisation and identified audience personas.

The Email Scheduler lets you send your emails immediately or to schedule them to mail at a future specified time.

Web Integration

Our web integration feature lets you capture contacts and other details from a web page, or from an incoming email. The data is entered directly into the CRM and you can set up automated follow up actions and email marketing campaigns.