When running email campaigns you can monitor how your Contacts have engaged with your emails using the ‘Member Status‘. The Status indicates what stage they are at in the Campaign, for example, ‘Queued’ for when they are in the Mailer queue waiting for the for the email to be sent.

Once the email has been sent the Member Status will change to show if the email was successfully delivered or not, and if the contact opened the message and engaged with your content, e.g. clicked on a link.

Your Campaign Stats will show the “unique” opens and clickthhroughs, i.e. the number of unique contacts with that status, as well as the “total” opens and cickthroughs, indicating where a contact has opened or clicked multiple times. Each of these figures is a sub-set of the one listed above.

The table below gives a list of the Member Status terms used, their definition, and how they are counted in the Campaign Statistics:

Member Status Definition Campaign Statistics
Selected The Contact has been selected (as a Member of a Campaign) to send an email campaign to Total number of Contacts Selected
Queued The email to the Contact is waiting in the Mailer queue Total number of Contacts Queued
Duplicate The email address is a duplicate of another in the selected Contacts and has therefore not been sent. The message will have been sent using the alternative record Total number of Duplicate email addresses
Invalid Email The email address is not in a valid format so the email has not been sent, e.g. fred.blogs’gmail.com Total number of Invalid email addresses
Mailed The email has been sent to the Contact – please note that the email may have been sent but not necessarily received at this point Total number of Contacts Mailed
Unresolved The email has been sent but the email address or domain has not been found (email is incorrect or does not exist). The email has not been delivered Total number of Unresolved email addresses – number is also counted in number Mailed
Bounced Email address temporarily unavailable e.g. mailbox is full. If it is still unavailable after 3 attempts to deliver the email will be marked as “Hold” and no further emails will be sent Total number of email addresses that Bounced – number is also counted in number Mailed
Delivered The email was successfully delivered to Contact’s inbox Total number of Contacts the email has been Delivered to – number is also counted in number Mailed
Opened The Contact has opened the email but not clicked on any links. “Unique Opens” count how many individual contacts have opened the email, whereas the “Total Opens” include multiple opens of the email Total number of Contacts that Opened the email
Clickthrough The Contact has clicked on one or more of the links in the email. “Unique Clickthroughs” count how many individual contacts clicked the email links, whereas the “Total Clickthroughs” include multiple clicks on the same link Total number of Contacts that clicked on a link – number is also counted in number Opened
Unsubscribed The Contact has unsubscribed from your mailings. The Contact is put on ‘Hold’ and no further emails will be sent Total number of Contacts that Unsubscribed – number is also counted in number Opened
Spam Contacts has labelled and reported the email as Spam in their junk mail Total number of Contacts that reported the email as Spam – number is also counted in number Opened

Change Member Status (Advanced Marketing)

You can manually change the Member Status for each Contact from within the Campaign Stage, on the Campaign Details table.

Whilst the Mailer will automatically update the status according to the the mailing delivery etc. as shown in the table above, you might wish to manually change the status to reflect another action. For example, if you have invited customers to a golf day and they have accepted your invitation you could update the status to ‘Accepted’. This means you can then report on that new status or select/de-select that status in future campaigns.

On the Campaign Details table, click the checkboxes for the Members you wish to change and go to the ‘More’ button. From the dropdown list select ‘Status’ and the new status type you wish to change to. This dropdown list can be changed to suit your business needs in Custom Dropdown Lists, on the CampaignActivity table.

Reports (Advanced Marketing)

You can run reports on the Member Status in Listing Reports. For example, set the Report View to ‘Campaign Detail’ and in the Selection Criteria include a Criteria Field of ‘CampaignDetail.Status = Clickthrough’.