Data Filters

When creating a Campaign Mailing List the Data Filters let you select contacts based on the data you hold in the CRM. For example, you could select by Account Type, or maybe by Account Sector, location, value, or maybe a custom field you have added.

There are three fields in the Data Filter: the Field Name, the Operator and the Value. For example, to select only existing customers you might set the field name box to ‘Account.Type’, the operator box to ‘=’ and the value to ‘Customers’.

N.B. If you are using more than one criteria to select contacts, each criteria is a sub-set of the other, and not either/or. For example:

Account.Type = Customer
Account.AddressCountry is one of France;Germany;Spain
Account.CreatedDate > 01-Jan-2017

Will return you the all contacts you have include in your Customer accounts based in France, Germany and Spain, created after 1 January 2017.

Field Name

In the first box, the Field Name, you will find a dropdown list of the relevant criteria to select Members. You can select them according to the Account data, the Contact data and also by User data. For example, you might want to select all of Mike’s Accounts by location created since 1st January.


The Operators allow you to pinpoint the criteria selected in the Field Name against your desired Value.

You can use the following Operators for each criteria:

Term Meaning Example
Equal to Account.Sector=Finance
Not equal to Account.Sector<>Finance
Greater than Contact.Count>5
Greater than or equal to Account.Id>=50
Less than Contact.CreatedDate<01-Jan-2015
Less than or equal to Account.Number<=50
Contains Field has these characters somewhere it in Account.Name contains bank
Does not contain Field doesn’t have these characters it in Account.Name does not contains bank
Is one of Field is one of multiple values. Separate values with a semi-colon Account.Sector is one of Finance;Legal;Insurance

So, for the example:

User.First = John
Account.AddressCountry is one of France;Germany;United Kingdom;United States of America
Account.Createddate > 01-Jan-2017


The Value is the specific data you want to return in your selection. For example, if you are looking to segment by location then the value would be the location(s) you want. So you might want “London”, or for multiple locations”London;Birmingham;Manchester” separating each value with a semi-colon.


To return a list members where the data is held in Checkboxes, the ticked box evaluates to TrueYes or 1, and an unticked box evaluates to FalseNo or 0. For example, to only select Contacts that are not on Hold, i.e. those who have not Unsubscribed, use Contact.Hold=false.

Date Formats

For Dates, use the standard input format of 12-Jan-2015 (Jan-12-2015 in the US). So Account.CreatedDate=12-Jan-2014 will mean any Activity created on that date. Whereas Activity.CreatedDate>12-Jan-2014 10:00 will mean any Activity created after that specific time.