Managing Contacts

Watch our tutorial video “How to Add a Contact”.

Contacts are the individual people within your Accounts (the companies and organisations you do business with).

Adding Contacts

When adding Contacts, open the relevant Account (or create a new one). Scroll down to the Contacts grid/table and click the ‘+ Add‘ button. Alternatively you can enter the Contact’s details directly into the empty lines on the Contact grid, then click the ‘save’ icon.

Add Contacts to your Company Accounts

Really Simple Systems CRM is designed specifically for B2B (business to business) markets, so Contacts always belong to Company Accounts. If your business is B2C (business to consumer) you can create an Account with and individual’s name and add the Activities & Tasks to that.

N.B . If you want to link an Opportunity, Task or Activity to a specific Contact within your Account you can create a Custom Field in our Dropdown List called ‘ContactName’.

Editing Contacts

To edit an existing Contact simply click on the contact name and this will open the contact form. Edit the form and click save. The form allows you to record who is the decision maker on the account and if they have a different address from the company account. If you are using the Marketing tool, you can set the contact to “hold” so they do not receive you marketing emails. The contact will automatically be set to “hold” if they have unsubscribed from your emails.

CRM Getting Started: Editing a Contact

Moving Contacts

If any of your Contacts move company you may want to move them to another account. To move a Contact, click the checkbox next to their name in the Contacts grid/table. Then go to the ‘More’ button above the grid and select ‘Move to’ from the dropdown list.

Move Contact to another Account

Clicking ‘Move to’ will open a pop-up box for you to search for the Account you wish to move them to. Search for the Account you want, click the Account name and click ‘Move’.

Move Contact to another Account

Add Contact to a Campaign / Send Email to Contact

If you are using the Marketing tool, in the same way as you might move a Contact, you can also add them to a Campaign and/or send them an Email.

Click the checkbox next to their name in the Contacts grid/table, then click on the ‘More’ button. Select the option you want, i.e. Add to Campaign or Send Email, and select the Campaign or Email required using the search box. Click the blue action box to complete the procedure.

Add a Contact to a Campaign

Add a Contact to a Mailing & Consent List

You can add an individual contact to a Mailing & Consent List, if consent has been given. In the Contact record, scroll down to the Mailing & Content section and click ‘+Add’. Use the dropdown list to select the Mailing & Consent List ist you wish to add them to, add the date of consent, and the consent description.

Add a contact to mailing & consent lists