Our CRM email function allows you to send emails directly to the individual Contacts in your CRM. There’s no need to switch back and forth with your email client – just click on the CRM email address.

You can create and send a CRM email to an individual Contact directly from your CRM. Click on the Contact’s email address, either in the Account page on Contact page, and the “new message” form for your email client (e.g. Outlook, Google Mail) will open. Write your email message and send it as normal.

Send an Email to a Contact

If you are using CRM email synchronisation with MailSync™ this will also create a “Bcc” to your CRM Mailbox so the message is automatically saved to the Account Activities grid.

Save an Email to Activities

If you are looking to send mass emails to your CRM database, take a look at our Email Marketing tool. You can run marketing campaigns, create professional emails and newsletters, schedule your mailings and monitor your customers’ response. As the tool is built into the CRM system there’s no need for a third party email system and all your data is in one place.