CRM Calendars

Watch our tutorial video “How to Use CRM Calendars”.

Your CRM calendar lets you view and prioritise your CRM Tasks, Opportunities, Activities and the other date related CRM objects.

Clicking on a calendar entry, e.g. a Task or Opportunity, will display the details on the right hand panel, where you can also click through to edit.

Calendar with Task Open

You can easily switch between the different calendar views e.g. Activities, Tasks, or Opportunities, and filter to show My Tasks/Activities/Opportunities, My Group’s Tasks/Activities/Opportunities, or All Tasks/Activities/Opportunities.

You can display your calendar by Month view, Week view, Day view or as a Schedule for your day.

Tasks Calendar1
Tasks Calendar2
Tasks Calendar3
Tasks Calendar4

Calendar Setup

To set up your calendars, in Settings, open Calendar Settings on the Systems Settings tab.

Calendar Settings

The default is for Tasks and Opportunities but you can add other CRM objects, e.g. Activities by clicking the ‘Add’ button. Click to select the calendar required to determine the settings for each calendar.

Tasks Calendar Settings

The calendar settings include various fields where you can use dropdown lists to set up the information you wish to see. For example, in the Title Field you might set this as the Activity Type (e.g. call, meeting, etc) or maybe use the full Task description. You can also set it to a custom field.

For the calendar Display Date field you have the option to set this to the Activity Date, but also to the Created Date or Modified Date, should these be important to how you manage your Tasks.

There are further optional fields where you can add other details to the calendar entry (e.g. the Account Name).

In the Colour Identifier field, you can set colours to identify your Tasks based on their priority, Task Type, Task Status, Task Owner and Contact Name.

Once you have completed the setup, click save then ‘view calendar’.

Edit Tasks Calendar

You can customise the colours you wish to use by clicking on the dropdown list or by clicking on the colour picker window.

Edit Tasks Calendar2

Opportunities Calendar Settings

The Opportunities calendar works in the same way as Tasks, but with different options for your field settings.

It’s likely you’ll want to set the title to your Opportunity Name, and the display date to your Close Date, but again other options are available.

In the Colour Identifier field you can select to identify your Opportunities based on the Status, Forecast, Campaign or Contact Name.

Once you have completed the setup, click save then ‘view calendar’.

Edit Opportunities Calendar

Activities Calendar Settings

The same applies for Activities.

Add Activities to Calendar

Deleting a Calendar

You can easily remove a calendar by clicking ‘Delete’.