Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline is a term used to describe the process your company uses to track a Sales Opportunity. It creates a record from the customer’s initial awareness through to a confirmed sale, i.e. a sale you have won.

Opportunity Probability

If you have won an opportunity you could say the percentage sale probability is 100%. If you have lost an opportunity the percentage probability would be 0%. The Sales Pipeline Opportunity is, therefore, anything in between these two.

  • Won Opportunity – 100% Probability
  • Lost Opportunity – 0% Probability
  • Pipeline Opportunity – 1 to 99% Probability

Sales Dashboard

Your Sales Dashboard presents a summary of your opportunities and updates as they move through the pipeline.

The Forecast and Opportunity Summary table shows the weighted and unweighted opportunities you have in the Pipeline, listed by CRM user. When an opportunity is won and you change the probability to 100% it moves from the Pipeline column to the Closed this Month column.

The Sales Funnel shows how many outstanding opportunities you have and their value in the different stages of your sales cycle.

You can use the other widgets to show what information is important to you.


Your Sales Pipeline Dashboard