The Quotations feature lets you create, download and send quotations directly from your CRM (available in the Professional and Enterprise plans).

When you create a sales Opportunity, you can generate a quotation directly from the opportunity and send it to your customer or prospect. The quotation is automatically added as a document to the Opportunity record.

The system includes a customisable template where your system Administrator can upload your company logo, and set up your organisation details, bank account and taxation information, so all your quotations are standardised.

Your stored Quotations are included within the document storage limits for your price plan, i.e. for Professional, this is 5GB and Enterprise, unlimited.

Create and send a Quotation

System Setup

In Settings / System Settings, open Company Information and add your quotation tax information. For example, under Tax Name this might be VAT and Tax Rate 20%.

Edit Company Settings to include tax information

Quotations Template Setup

To set up your Quotations Template, in Settings / System Settings, open Quotation Templates. Click on “default” to open the default template.

Default Quotation File

On the Page Layout tab, you can select your page size and set your page margins.

Edit Quotation Template - Page Layout

On the Elements tab, you can edit the text, colours and fonts, and add your logo to the Quotation. Holding your mouse over the various sections will open the editing options available.

You can add your organisation’s details, bank account information, select how you want any taxes to appear, and change the colour schemes.

Once you have finished editing, click to Save.

Edit Quotations Template - Elements

Create a Quotation

To create a Quotation, in your open Opportunity, scroll down to the Quotations section and click ‘+Add’. This will automatically generate a Quotation for that Opportunity and save it to the Opportunity Documents.

Create a Quotation

You then have the option to ‘View’, ‘Download’ or ‘Send’ the Quotation. The ‘View’ option will display the Quotation, with a summary of the record:

View a Quotation

‘Download’ creates a PDF file that you can save to your computer. ‘Send’ bring up a box with the email to send, and you can edit this as required.

Send a Quotation

The Quotation is automatically saved as a document in the Quotation Documents section. Clicking on the document name will open it.

You can view a list of all your Quotations across all accounts in Settings / System Settings, then Quotations, and your Documents in Settings / Data Management, the Documents.

Documents in Quotations