CRM Data Import

Importing your Data

Really Simple Systems has a CRM Data Import feature that is designed to import your data quickly into your CRM System.

Data can be imported from numerous sources including Spreadsheets, Outlook, Macs, LinkedIn, Gmail, Hotmail and Lotus Notes.

Advanced Data Import

The CRM data import module allows you to load new Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Activities, Opportunities & Opportunity Lines records or you can update existing ones. You can either import your data using a file in the native Really Simple Systems format, or the import tool can look to detect your type of data and offer matching options for you.

By default, all new CRM systems have the Advanced Data Import tool enabled. This “intelligent” tool will look at your data and attempt to map it into the CRM system. It can import your Company Accounts and Contacts and will also import data such as Tasks, Activities, Opportunities, Cases and Campaigns. It also has more sophisticated deduping options, including soft-matching on Account names and on Account Post/Zip Code combinations.

Loading CRM data from a spreadsheet or csv file

Get started by watching this “how to” video, and remember that if you get stuck, our support team can import your data for you!