Creating Dashboard Widgets

Every CRM user can create their own custom dashboard, creating and adding dashboard widgets by clicking the “ADD WIDGETS” button on the right of the screen.

In the top-right of each widget, you are able to edit, resize,  and delete them as you like.

edit widget  Edit Icon

resize widget Resize Icon

delete widget  Delete Icon

If you want to re-position your widgets, with your mouse, simply hold down the left click button in the title bar, then drag and drop the widget.

At first, your widgets will be empty but as you start to use your CRM, adding company accounts and opportunities, the widgets will be populated automatically.


Click to add widget

Add Widgets

Click “ADD WIDGETS” will bring up this screen. Simple click in the widget icon to add it to your Sales, Marketing and Support dashboards.

Add widgets menu

Custom Widget Example

Adding your Company Logo.

If you would like to add a company logo to your dashboard, first select the Company Logo widget in Add Widgets.

Add company logo

This will create a logo widget on your you dashboard. Left click the widget, choose your logo file, and your logo is now on your dashboard.

xyz logo widget

Configurable Widgets

In the “ADD WIDGETS” menu you can create configurable widgets that display variable data on your dashboard.

An example is the “Accounts Piechart”.

Accounts pie-chart

Once you click on “Accounts Piechart” you will see a new window asking you to select the data field. Here you can choose Type, Country, Sector, or Source before saving the widget to your dashboard.

Accounts pie chart part 2

Chart Widgets

Chart Widgets (beta version) are available in Advanced Reporting on the Enterprise plan, letting you can create widget charts from your reports.

To create a Chart Widget, click on the option “From Reports” in the “ADD WIDGETS” menu.

Click on create reports widget

From here you can create a widget by clicking “CREATE NEW CHART” or by selecting a previously created Chart.

Create a reports widget


You can also create a Report Chart by clicking “ADD CHART” in the Reports Section of the CRM.


After clicking “Create new chart” or “Add chart”, you will be automatically be taken to a “Create Report” screen.

Create a reports chart

First, you can choose the title, scope, field options, and report permissions in the “Report Log” section.

Reports Log Section

Next, in the “Chart Options” section, configure your chart. As you make changes, you will see a “Chart Preview” of your widget update on the right.

Chart Options Section

Chart Options Explained

Chart type – pie cart, bar chart, line chart etc.

Show legend – will show the labels in a separate block to the side (Mainly used for PieCharts).

Labels / X-axison a pie chart this will be the names of the slices and shown in the legend. On a bar/line chart, it’s the X/horizontal values.

Values / Y-axison a pie chart this is the size of the slices. On a bar/line chart it’s the size of the bars or height of the line.

Sortinguseful if you are wanting the top results rather than the bottom. e.g. if it was countries by the number of customers, and you wanted the most popular countries you would set Descending.

Limit resultsif you don’t want too many pie chart slices, or wanted to go back 3 months on a time based chart, or to show the top 5 of a set of data.

Note – for the Labels and Values, you can select most fields from Data Dictionary, but not all. We may need to adjust the available fields here, and/or create new derived fields for certain custom situations.

Note – that when you select “Gauge” or “Number” chart types, the fields change to a more limited set of options that fit those chart types.

Finally, Choose your data Criteria.

Report widget criteria

Your report widget uses the same data criteria as Listing and Forecast reports.

When you’re happy with your widget, click “SAVE” on the top-right of your screen and then “ADD TO DASHBOARD”.

Save and add to dashboard

Choose which Dashboard you want to display your new Report Widget in (Sales, Marketing, or Support) and then click “CREATE WIDGET”.

Go to your dashboard

Your Report Widget is now created! You can now click to view your dashboard and reposition, edit, resize or delete as you wish.

Note: To edit your Report Widget, click the dropdown icon in the top-right corner. From the dropdown, you will be able to change the Chart being used by the widget with “WIDGET SETTINGS”, refresh the report data with “REFRESH DATA”, or update/edit the report criteria with “EDIT CHART”.

Report widget dropdown