CRM customisation with Really Simple Systems is simple to do and available with all CRM plans. Your CRM includes the tools to let you change the layouts of your dashboard(s), data tables, company account pages, form fields and dropdown lists, as well as the option to create a custom sub-domain.

CRM Customisation Service

In addition, Really Simple Systems offers a Customisation Service for more complex customisation work. We can discuss your requirements to design a system that is tailored to your business processes and the way your team works.

Custom Data Tables/Grids

You can easily customise the data tables in your CRM, e.g. Accounts, Contacts etc. By ‘dragging and dropping’ the column titles you can re-order them as you like. And by clicking the Columns button you can select or de-select the column you want to display using the dropdown menu.

CRM Customisation: Custom Data Tables

Custom Pages

With Custom Pages you can edit the tables/grids in your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns and Cases pages to show the information important to you. You can re-order the tables and hide the ones you don’t use.

Custom Fields

You can create custom fields on the forms in your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks etc. to meet your business needs. An example of a field in the Account screen would be Type, Owner, Source etc.

You can remove the Standard Fields* you don’t want, and add some new ones. This is all possible with the Custom Fields feature. You can also drive some fields by using a dropdown list of pre-defined values, using Custom Dropdown Lists. The sales process can be customised by defining your own Sales Stages and Sales Status.

You don’t have to make all the changes at once before you start using the CRM. Create the basic custom settings that you need when you get started, then make more as you realise them.

*Please note, some Standard Fields cannot be changed as they are intrinsic to the functionality of the CRM.