SpotlerCRM offers a CRM Customisation Service for complex customisation work, letting you create a system that exactly meets your business needs. Uniquely, our CRM provides a flexible base from which we can create a custom solution to fit your business.

This might include modifications to the CRM objects, menus, forms, opportunity lines and dashboard widgets, for example. However, you might also want to consider your system workflows, integrations with third-party apps, or maybe creating user portals. All this is possible with Really Simple Systems.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a truly customised solution for your pipeline and processes that will enhance your performance and deliver competitive advantage.

Customisation Fees and Maintenance

Our CRM Customisation Service is charged at additional cost to our standard price plans. Customisation work will be invoiced at a daily rate according to the software development time and resources required to complete the project. Some custom work may also be subject to annual maintenance fees and hosting fees.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements to create a CRM that is tailored to your business and the way your team works, get in touch on

Standard Customisation

Don’t forget that our standard product also includes the tools you need to customise your CRM. You can change the layouts of your dashboard(s), data tables, company account pages, form fields and dropdown lists, plus you also have the option to create a custom sub-domain.