With Really Simple Systems CRM you can easily set up custom data tables (or grids) to display what’s important to your business.

Select Columns

You can select which columns show in your data tables, e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities etc. By simply clicking the ‘Columns’ button above the table you can select or de-select columns from the dropdown menu. You can select from the default fields and also any custom fields you have created.

Select columns to customise your data tables

Change Column Order

You can change the order of the columns on the data tables by simply “dragging and dropping” on the column title bar. Click and hold on the column you wish to move, then drag the column to where you want it to appear.

Top Tip

Depending upon the size of screen you are viewing on, you may need to hide some columns before you can “drag and drop”. If the limited screen size means some columns are not showing a “+” icon will appear on the far right of the grid. Clicking this will open the data held in the columns not visible on your screen.


Change the order of the columns on the data tables