Creating New Support Cases

As with the other function in the CRM system, support Cases need to be associated with a Company Account. To create a New Case, go to the customer’s Account page and click the “+ Add” button on the Cases table.

In the New Case page, you can create a new Case by adding a Subject, setting the Case Level (e.g. High, Medium, Low) and Case Owner, then add a description and Saving.

Support Cases: Create New Case

Case Fields

The Case fields are:

Case Subject – Whatever you want to call this case, e.g. “Can’t Sign In”
Case Level – How serious is this Case for the customer. The Case Levels offered will be defined by that Account’s SLA
Time Opened – Will default to the time you create the Case
Time Closed – This will be entered when you close the Case
Type – You can categorise this Case if you want to. You can edit these options to suit your business using Custom Dropdown Lists
Case Status – What’s happening to this Case. Again, the options can be defined in the Custom Dropdown Lists
Case Owner – The CRM User who has been assigned the Case
Customer Description – How the customer described the problem
Internal Description – How you want to describe the problem
Close Details – Any comments when closing the case

Creating a Case from an Incoming Email

Cases can be created from incoming emails using Web Transactions.

Creating a Case from a Form

Cases can be also be created using Web Forms and editing the Web Transactions.

Creating a Case from the API

Use the CRM API to give complete access to all the Service & Support functions, including Cases.

Closing a Case

To Close a Case, click the Close Case button on the top right-hand side of the page. That will change the Case Status to Closed, update the Time Closed field and create a Case Closed Activity.

Close a Case in the Service and Support module

Reopening a Case

If you have a Closed Case that you wish to reopen, click the Reopen Case button on the top right hand side of the page. That will change the Case Status to Open, clear the Time Closed field and create a Case Reopened Activity.

Reopen a Closed Case

Sending a Case Email

To send an email relating to a Case, click on a Contact’s email address from within the Case. That will bring up your default email client with a subject of “Support Case [xxxxx] where xxxxx is the Case Id. When the Contact replies to the email the Id will match their reply back to this Case.