Customer Service & Support Dashboard

The Service & Support Dashboard can be accessed by selecting Service & Support from the main menu on the main menu.

Using the Dashboard Widgets you can display a list of Today’s Cases (Cases that have been created today) and Open Red Cases (Cases where the time elapsed from Opening the Case are outside of the Account’s SLA).

It also has clickable graphs showing Open Cases By User, Open Cases by Type and Cases by Month.

You can customise your dashboard by selecting and de-selecting the various widgets. Select the ones you want to use so you can see all the data that’s important to your business on one screen.

From the dashboard managers and users can quickly determine what Cases are outstanding, which should be prioritised and who to assign them to.

Cases Page

Click on the Cases on the main menu to go to the Cases page. As is common throughout the CRM system, you can choose to see My Cases, My Group’s Cases or All Cases, subject to the User’s Profile.

Service & Support Cases Page

Cases can be sorted by Rank, which is calculated from the Account’s SLA, Case Level and Time Opened.

Click the “Open Only” checkbox to see only Cases that are currently Open.

Clicking on a Case’s name will open that Case.

Individual Case Page

Click on a Case Name from either the Case or Accounts page to open it.

If you create a Task, Activity or Document from the Case page then it will be linked and shown on the Case.

Navigating Service & Support

Seeing Cases in the Account Page

If a User has access to the Service & Support tool, then an Account’s Cases will appear in the Cases grid on the Account page.

Ticking the Open Only checkbox will suppress all closed Cases from being seen.

View Cases in an Account page