Service & Support Tool

Deliver great customer service with our Service & Support software by making sure all your support requests are dealt with efficiently. As a feature of your CRM, this service desk ticketing system lets you prioritise your support requests using customisable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and real-time response reporting on your dashboard. This means you can successfully manage your support requests and nothing gets forgotten.

Our Service & Support software lets you to speed up your customer response by automating incoming emails (Cases) and managing the support queue. The powerful reporting system gives you insight on closed Cases, response times and your frequently asked questions.

Service & Support Cases

Your Service & Support Cases can be manually or automatically created and monitored against your SLAs. The system uses a traffic light metaphor to class Cases as Red, Amber or Green, so you can see at a glance what’s important. Cases are automatically prioritised according to their SLA as defined by the Company Account and the urgency of the issue.

You can monitor any overdue Cases and see how many Cases each of your operator has on the go. If you need to, you can re-assign the cases to new operators. Other CRM Users can have visibility of Cases from the Company Accounts page so they are always up to date with the activity.

Cases can be created manually, from incoming emails, from a web form or from our CRM API.

Price Plans

The Service & Support software is available as an additional option in our Professional and Enterprise plans.