Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The Service Level Agreements you set up in your CRM will determine the priority of a Case and when it moves from Green to Amber and then Red, as time elapses from when it was Opened, or created, and also its Rank compared to other Cases.

To create and maintain your SLAs go to Settings / System Settings and open the Service Level Agreements section. Like the other functions in the CRM you can filter by My SLAs, My Group’s SLAs and All SLAs depending up in the Security Permissions you have set.

Open Service Level Agreements

Creating SLAs

To create new Service Level Agreements, click the “+ Add” button on the SLA table.

Set up Service Level Agreements for Cases

The SLA fields are:

SLA Name – What you want to call this SLA such as Gold, Priority One, etc.
Active – Tick the checkbox to enable this SLA
Owner – The CRM User who manages this SLA
Notes – Any comments you want to make about this SLA. This text will pop up when you hover your mouse over the SLA Name on the SLA page.

Create a New Service Level Agreement

Case Levels

SLAs can have multiple Case Levels that will enable you to determine the priority one SLA has over another. To create a new Case Level, click “+ Add” in the Case Level table.

Open a New Case Level in Service Level Agreements

The Case Level fields are:

Case Level Name – The name for this Case Level such as High, Business Critical etc.
Amber Time – The time after opening the Case that it will turn to Amber
Red Time – The time after opening the Case that it will turn Red


In the Case Level screen you can also set the Rank for the SLA Case Level. The Rank will determine how a Case is sorted against other Cases. For example, if you have

  • an SLA called “Silver” with  have a Case Level called “Critical” with an Amber Rank of 60
  • an SLA called “Gold” with  have a Case Level called “Standard” with a Green Rank of 40

then the Silver/Critical/Amber Case will rank above a Gold/Standard/Green.

Set up the Service Level Agreement Rankings

The Rank fields are:

Green Rank – The Rank that the Case will have if it is Green
Amber Rank – the Rank that the Case will have when it turns Amber
Red Rank – the Rank that the Case will have when it turns Red

Setting a Customer’s SLA

To tell the Service & Support system which SLA to use for an Account, edit the Account and choose the Service Level Agreement level from the dropdown that will show all Active SLAs.

Set the SLA in an Account

When a Case it created for that Account, you’ll be able to choose which Case Level to assign to it from the list of Case Levels defined for that SLA.

The Rank and Colour (Green, Amber, Red) for a Case will be calculated from the time that Case has been Open and Case Level.

If a Case is created for an Account without an SLA, the Rank will be 0 and the Colour always grey.