A Case is a Service & Support tool action that has been raised by a customer, for example reporting a problem they have. Also referred to as a  Service Desk Ticket, Cases are logged against a Company Account and will include information on the Priority of the Case, Time Opened, Time Closed, Status and Type. It is assigned to a Case Owner who is responsible for Managing the Case.

Emails, Tasks and Documents that are associated with that Case are automatically linked to that Case.

A Case is deemed Open when it is first created.

Support Cases: Create New Case

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are the contracts, or agreements, you have in place with your customers to deliver your service. Within the CRM system, you can define multiple SLAs (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze) and assign an SLA to each Account. SLAs can have multiple Case Levels (e.g. High, Medium, Low) and with each Case Level you can define the elapsed time after opening. According to the time lapse from the creation time, the Case will turn from Green to Amber, and then to Red to indicate urgency.

You can Rank each Case Level within a Case so that, for example, a ‘High’ level Case for a Silver customer will have a higher rank than a ‘Medium’ level Case for a Gold customer.

If you don’t use SLAs then you can use a default SLA for all customers.

SLAs: Service Level Agreements

Custom Settings

As is standard throughout the CRM system, Cases and SLAs can be customised using the Custom Fields feature and Dropdown Lists The pages and data tables can be modified to suit your business requirements.

You can select/de-select the columns displayed on the tables/grids by clicking ‘Columns’. You can the order of the columns by “dragging and dropping” in the title bar. If all the columns available don’t fit your screen size a “+” box will appear on the right of the table. Click the “+” to open and view all the data.


The Listing Report Writer offers full customisable reporting on all the data in the Service & Support tool.

Data Security

If you are using the Enterprise subscription plan, you can assign User Profiles to your team to allow Read, Write or No Access to Cases. See the Data Security documentation for further details.