CRM Contract Period

All pricing plans are paid for either monthly or annually in the CRM system. You can select your preferred payment period on the subscription page in the CRM. All annual payments come with a discounted user price.

CRM Contract Cancellation

To cancel your subscription, go to Settings and Manage Subscription. Select Change Plan & Options then simply click on Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page, and confirm your cancellation.

Cancel CRM subscription

You’ll be able to continue to use the system and Export Data up until the end of your current paid-up subscription period. After that, you will no longer have access to your CRM system unless you re-subscribe.

If you could let us know why you’ve cancelled, we’d appreciate the feedback!

Deleting Data

Your CRM system will be deleted once your subscription has expired, or if you cancel or don’t log into your Free CRM for three months. At this point your data is no longer on our servers and can’t easily be restored.

It is technically possible to get the data back from our archives, but it is a day’s work and we are only able to do that for Enterprise plan customers. If you cancel your subscription, you’ll need to download your data before your subscription expires.

Restoring Deleted CRM Data

We delete old systems three months after the subscription expires. If you re-subscribe before then you will get access to your old data. Once the system is deleted, however, the data is no longer on our servers and can’t easily be retrieved, so make sure you have downloaded a copy.