Both the Listing Report Writer and Sales Forecast Report Writer have additional features that are available with the Advanced Reporting option in the Enterprise plan.

Advanced Reporting in the Listing Report Writer

Schedule Reports
You can schedule reports to automatically run and be mailed to your inbox in the format requested. You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly, selecting the time, day and day of the month as required.

Run-time Option
The “Run-time” feature lets you edit the filter option on the saved report, allowing you to quickly change your criteria values without having to edit the report.

Report Output Options
When setting the report criteria filters you can use the dropdown lists to specify how the field is displayed in the report. For example, setting date formats and the maximum number of characters of a field.

If you’re running a large report, containing more than a thousand lines, it’s best to download as a CSV file. There’s an upper limit of 5,000 records when outputting to your screen ,and when outputting to a PDF, if there’s over 1,000 results it will revert to a CSV file. There is no upper limit for CSV files.

And/Or Options
You can add Criteria Fields to build up your Listing Report filters, drilling down to specific data using the “And” operator. For example, you could first filter just your Contacts in London, then add a second filter to specify just those accounts created after a certain date.

If you are looking to report on multiple criteria you can also use the “Or” operator option. For example, you could filter your Contacts in London and the Account Created Date, then add an “Or” option for industry sector. This would return a report that includes all contacts in London created on or after the given date, plus any contacts in the selected industry sectors.

Permission Levels
If you are using the User Permissions Levels feature you can select who has access to each report and what permission level you want to grant them.

You can subtotal numeric values to produce reports such as sales pipeline by campaign.

You can summarise numerical values to show, for example, the number of calls by salesperson, without showing the detail of each call.

Advanced Views
MainContact – lets you show just the Main Contact on a report. Useful for running a list of Accounts with just the one contact against each of them.

LastActivity – lets you show just the Last Activity on a report. Useful for showing when the last interaction was, or showing Accounts where there has been no Activities since a specified date.

More Columns and Criteria

Report Fields – You can have up to 20 fields on a report, as opposed to 10 in the standard report writer.

Criteria Fields – You can have up to 10 filter criteria on a report, instead of 3 with the standard report writer.

Sort Fields – You can have up to 5 levels of sort on a report, instead of 3 with the standard report writer.

Advanced Reporting in the Sales Forecast Report Writer

Forecast Value Field
Instead of using Opportunity.Value you can use any numeric field. Useful if you don’t want to use Opportunity Lines and just have a value on the Opportunity, or if you want to use another field on the Opportunity Line, such as a base or foreign currency value.

Forecast Date Phase Field
Instead of using the Close Date to phase the forecast on, you can use any date on the Account, Opportunity or Opportunity Line. This is useful when you have an Opportunity that you want to split across multiple periods – you have a custom date field on each Opportunity Line and split the Opportunity over multiple lines, each with different dates.