You can synchronise the Tasks in your CRM system with your online Microsoft Outlook 365 Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Calendar.

For the Microsoft calendar sync on Outlook 365, which is part of Office 365, you will need an existing account Set-up. For Exchange, you will need to have your local copy of Outlook connected to an instance of Exchange that can be publicly accessed over the Internet.

The sync won’t work with stand-alone copies of Outlook just running on your PC or Mac without being connected to either Outlook 365 or an Exchange server.

Microsoft Sync Set-up

In Settings / Integration go to the ‘Email, Contacts & Calendar Applications’ tab.

Under MS Exchange / MS Outlook 365 Calendar click the blue ‘+ Set-Up’ button, then ‘Create MS Exchange / MS Outlook 365 Integration’. This will take you to a Microsoft authentication page.

Microsoft Exchange in CRM

Enter your email address and password to allow Really Simple Systems access to your calendar. It may take a few minutes to locate and get approval for this. You’ll then be taken back to the Manage Integrated Systems page.

Microsoft Outlook 365 and Exchange Calendar Sync

Microsoft Calendar should now be shown under the Enabled Services section on the Manage Integrated Systems page.

If your authentication fails you should receive an error. If the error was due to incorrect authentication details, you will need to repeat the step above until authenticated correctly to continue. If that doesn’t work, please contact the support team and they will try to resolve the issue.

Synchronising your Calendar

To synchronise the Tasks in your CRM system with your Outlook 365 or Exchange Calendar at any time, click the green Sync Microsoft Calendar button on the top right of the Task page or on the Tasks grid on an Account page.

Clicking this button for the first time will run an initial synchronisation which will set up the link between the two systems before running the synchronisation.


  • Only Tasks where the Task Owner is the User will be synchronised, ie My Tasks not All Tasks
  • This is a part way synchronisation, all creations, updates and deletes in your CRM system will go to Microsoft Calendar, however, updates and deletions to tasks and events in Microsoft Calendar will not sync back into the CRM.
  • To update the Calendar after making changes in the CRM, be sure to click the “Sync Microsoft Calendar” for the changes to replicate.
  • Microsoft Exchange supports push synchronisation, so all changes made in Exchange Calendar do not require you to click the “Sync Microsoft Calendar”  to replicate back.

Disabling Calendar Synchronisation

To disable synchronisation, go to Tools/Manage Integrated Systems and click on the green Disable button to the right of Microsoft Calendar. A tab should open for a brief moment while the synchronisation removal process completes. Once completed, you should be returned to the Manage Integrated Systems page and the disabled service should appear under the Disabled Services label.

After disabling Microsoft Calendar sync, all events created in the CRM will be deleted from your Outlook 365 or Exchange Calendar. However the Tasks will remain inside your CRM system.