The table below gives an alphabetical glossary of general terms used in the Really Simple Systems Marketing module. Links have been included to pages where further information is available in using these functions. You may also wish to check out the general Glossary used in the CRM Sales module.

Term Description Page Links
Account Accounts, or Company Accounts, are the organisations that you deal with. These include your customers, prospects, partners and, if you want to, your suppliers, press etc. For example, BHP Minerals. Accounts Overview
Activity Status The status of a Member in a Campaign Stage, such as “Mailed”, “ClickThrough” and “Bounced” Adding & Deleting Members in a Campaign – Member Activity Status
Advanced Marketing The full Marketing module with the features Campaign Management, Drip Marketing, Web Forms and Web Transactions included, and up to 50,000 emails per month Marketing Modules
Bounce A Bounce may occur if an Email address you are using does not exist of the mailbox is full Email Member Status
Contact A person who works at one of your Company Account, such as “Frank Smith” Adding a Contact
Campaign A marketing campaign, such as “August 2006 Finance Sector” Campaigns
Campaign Stage A Campaign may have one or multiple Campaign stages such as “Introduction Letter”, “Follow Up Email”, or “Follow Up Call” Campaign Stages
Consent Mailing Consent is the consent given by your contacts to receive your digital marketing Mailing & Consent Lists
Emails Pre-written emails or newsletters that can be sent to Members, and can be personalised Creating an Email
Email Template One of the template Emails provided within the CRM that you can modify to create your own Email or newsletter Creating an Email
Hold If a Contact Unsubscribes from you mailing list the ‘Hold’ box will be checked in the Contact record Email Member Status
Lead Any Account that has expressed interest as a result of a Campaign. Most companies would define an unqualified enquiry as a Lead

Navigating the Marketing Home Page

Email Scheduler Your built-in email sending system for scheduling your mailings Sending Emails
Email Monitor The Email Monitor keeps track of what’s happening with your email campaigns once they have been added to the Email Queue Sending Emails
Mailing Preferences Mailing Preferences lets your contacts update their mailing consent to your marketing or to unsubscribe Mailing & Consent Lists
Email Queue The Email Queue makes sure your emails are sent in the order you have selected and spreads them over a period of time in line with your Sender Reputation Sending Emails
Member A Member is a Contact who is part of a Campaign or Campaign Stage Adding & Deleting Members in a Campaign
Member Status The Status of a Member in an email campaign depending whether they have been “Selected”, whether the email has been “Queued”, “Mailed”, “Opened” etc. Adding & Deleting Members in a Campaign
Opportunity Part of the Sales module, an Opportunity is a potential sale that has a close date and a value. In sales jargon, it is a Qualified Lead Opportunity Management
Sender Reputation A score that we give your email campaigns that is calculated from the quality of your list and the response from recipients Sender Reputation
Scheduler The Scheduler is the part of the Mailer that allows you to set what is sent to whom and when Sending Emails
Simple Marketing A limited version of the Marketing module that offers email marketing with a limit of 5,000 emails per month Marketing Modules
Spam Spam is the term used to describe unsolicited, or undesirable, Emails – usually sent to a bulk number of recipients Email Member Status
Unsubscribe A Contact who has opted to not be contacted by Email. Their Contact record in the CRM will be marked as ‘Hold’. Email Member Status