Add products to your CRM

You can add your products to the CRM using the Opportunity Lines, so you can then select which products you have quoted on when creating an Opportunity. OpportunityLines is a Custom Dropdown List and you can edit the list to add your products.

In Settings, System Settings go to Custom Dropdown Lists then OpportunityLine.

You can delete the products that you don’t want, and to add the ones you do.

Creating Custom Dropdown Lists

Watch our tutorial video on how to create a Custom Dropdown List.

Click the name of an existing Dropdown List, e.g. AccountType, to edit or ‘+ Add’ to create a new list.

Add Products to your CRM Opportunity Lines

Give your new dropdown a name and click Continue. Next, add the Table Values/Items.

Add Products to your CRM Opportunity Lines

To delete a dropdown list, simply delete all the Table Value entries by checking the box in the Delete column then Save.

Table Values

To delete the entries, tick the ‘Trash’ icon” box and then Save.

See Dropdown Lists for further information.