The table below gives an alphabetical CRM glossary of general terms used in the Really Simple Systems CRM. Links have been included to pages where further information is available. If you are using the Marketing module you may also wish to check out the Marketing Glossary used there.



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Accounts Accounts, or Company Accounts, are the organisations that you deal with. These include your customers, prospects, partners and, if you want to, your suppliers, press etc. For example, BHP Minerals. Accounts Overview
Activities Activities is where you record your events and things you have done. For example, the summary of a telephone conversation with John Brown at BHP Minerals, or completed Tasks.

Adding Activities & Events

Administrator The Administrator is the person who has set up your CRM system and has “administrator” control (i.e. full control) of your CRM system. Create a New User
Contacts Contacts are the people who work at your Company Accounts. For example, you might have a contact called John Brown who works at BHP Minerals. Adding a Contact
Documents Upload any documents you need to store against a Company Account. For example, a quotation, using all electronic formats e.g. Word, PDF etc. Documents
Hold Check the Hold box on a Contact’s record if you do not want them to receive emails from you. This also automatically manages Unsubscribes from the Marketing module. Hold, Bounces, Unsubscribe & Spam
Linked Accounts Use Linked Accounts to connect “related” Company Accounts. For example, you may have a consultant who has introduced you to a new customer that you want to link. Linked Accounts
Opportunities Opportunities are potential sales that you have identified in an Company Account. For example, you might have an opportunity to sell 5,000 widgets to your Account BHP Minerals. Opportunity Management
Opportunity Lines Opportunity Lines are the products and/or services your organisation offers. This might be at a top level or at the opposite end a product part number. Opportunity Management
Opportunity History Opportunity History is a record of the activity that has occurred within an Opportunity. Opportunity History
Owner An Owner is the CRM User managing a particular Company Account. Change Account Owner
Quotations A Quotations are created from your Opportunities and can be saved in the Account and sent to a Contact Quotations
Sales Funnel The Sales Funnel is a visual representation of your sales stages from a customer’s initial awareness through to a confirmed sale. Won, Lost & Pipeline Opportunities
Sales Pipeline The Sales Pipeline refers to the sales stages before completion. Won, Lost & Pipeline Opportunities
Reports – Listing Reports Listing Reports are reports that can be run to track past activity in your CRM. For example, this might be the number of sales made by a member of staff or the number of calls handled each week. Listing Report Writer
Reports – Forecast Reports Forecast Reports can be used to predict sales forecasts over a given period of time. Sales Forecasting Reports
Tasks Tasks are the things you need to do. For example, call John Brown on 15th August. Managing Tasks
User(s) Users are the members of your team using the CRM system. Create a New User
Web Forms / Web Transactions Web Transactions is an integration process that allows you to set up web site forms that capture customer data. For example, through a web site sign-up page. Web Transactions