Customers on our Enterprise plan can take advantage of our Advanced Customisation options. We can create new CRM objects, customise the menus, forms, opportunity lines and create custom dashboard widgets. Please note, additional development fees may apply.

  • Custom Objects – create custom objects such as Properties, Leases, Contacts, Inventory that have a dedicated form to edit them. Link custom objects to an Account or other object. Show custom objects on a grid either stand alone or on the parent object’s page
  • Custom Forms – customise the form layout for any object within the system and define collapsible groupings
  • Custom Menus – change the order and grouping of menu items on the main menu
  • Custom Opportunity Lines – add extra fields to an Opportunity Line and show them on the Opportunity. Create calculation fields.
  • Custom Dashboard Widgets – create graphs and tables showing the data specific to your business

Do get in touch with our Customer Support team if you would like to discuss any of the above options.